Chairman's Note

Sowdambikaa a house hold name in the field of Education, made a modest beginning during 1986 with 500 students at Thuraiyur. In the early days we faced many challenges and it was a bumpy journey with ups and downs. However this hasn’t dampen our spirit and enthusiasm. We firmly believe that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. We strived hard to succeed, in the process, we have achieved many land marks and mile stones. Matric Stream of Education is our forte. However over a period of time we have started 5 CBSE schools of International Standard, having modern Infrastructure, committed Educators. Thus we have made our indelible mark and we are having a strong hold in CBSE stream of Education as well.

Our Students are always in the lime light, won many distinctions and brought laurels to the group. Utmost Importance is given to infrastructure also, which facilitates the students with 21st century skills. They are scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely executed. Modern Hostel, Mess and Fine dining facilities are a pleasure to enjoy during their stay. We at Sowdambikaa comprehensively address all the requirements of the students and ensure their learning be, holistic, integrated, enjoyable and engaging.

It has been quite a satisfactory, fulfilling and rewarding journey so far…. and in the words of Robert Frost,


“I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I Sleep,
And Miles to go before I sleep…”

From the Desk of Secretary

Sowdambikaa is a house hold name in the arena of education Map of Tamilnadu. Our schools offer excellent opportunity for students to feel and enjoy global education at the door steps. The curriculum is so designed to expose the students to understand, appreciate, experiment, and enjoy learning. To achieve this every school is endowed with a galaxy of eminent, dedicated teaching
faculty having flair for excellence who will groom the students adequately to excel and perform. All our schools are equipped with latest Hi-tech modern systems to prepare and make them adapt with the rapid changes at global level in the knowledge landscape. In the 21st Century illiterate would be defined as those “Who don’t know how to learn”. we are in the process of preparing children attaining 21st century learning skills.

At Sowdambikaa, it is our earnest desire that our students are to attain education which would be a lifelong experience. Our classroom atmosphere / Teaching methodology is designed in such away it is “Creative, Collaborative and Reflective”. Equal importance is given to wellness, psychological well-being and socio ethical grounding of every child so as to enable them to become a “Very balanced Human Being”. Learning through labs is the new facet of education that gives children a new panorama strategy to explore. Our association with major Edu Partners provides impetus and strengthens our system to achieve this feat. In the present dynamic environment emphasize is given to “Team Building”. In this process, the child will acquire knowledge, gain confidence, imbibe leadership qualities,
will be a active player in the winning team and they will become a true leader. At Sowdambikaa we firmly believe and practice, this concept and make every child as “True team player”. All Available tools and resources are exploited to develop the wisdom and knowledge of the child with empathy. Beyond academics we at Sowdambikaa ensure, holistic development sculpting the students, to become a fully accomplished human being. Focus is given co-scholastic attributes students are encouraged to participate in major events and competitions. Attention is given to extracurricular activities also. In short, at the hands of Sowdambikaa your ward will have the freedom of learning. They are prepared mentally face challenges; to become a global citizen as “Empowering every child” is our motto.

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